The Atlanta Speech School Presents the 39th

One Mile Fun Run

Running for something better

9:00 am - May 5th 2018 @ The Atlanta Speech School

why we run

This isn’t just a fundraiser

We are running to support the Wardlaw School and enrich the educational experience of our students.
The Tradition Continues…

The 39th Annual Fun Run continues to bring together parents and community to support the Wardlaw School in making a lasting and immeasurable impact on our students.

From Apps to Zip Lines and everything in between!

From training for the Race to training the Reading Brain, students benefit directly from the research-based methodologies offered as part of the Wardlaw School experience.  Your support provides the additional instructional materials and technical tools our students use to enhance their academic success.


Three ways we celebrate

Sure it's a run, but this year we are also having students contribute their artwork. One piece will be selected for the t-shirt and another twenty will be selected for a commemorative poster.

One Mile to Run

One T-Shirt with One Student Design

One Poster with 20 Student Designs

WAYS TO GET involved

Running is encouraged but optional

We get it, not everyone is a runner, so we have created three ways to show support for The Atlanta Speech School.

If you are looking to race, this is for you. Early registration includes a t-shirt or a poster of student artwork.


If you just want to support the school but not interested in running, we have an option just your pace.


If you would like to support the school and have your company logo included.

big thanks to our sponsors

Honestly, we're not sure what we would do without your help

See you at the finish line!